2017 – my year of being prepared

In 2016 my ‘one little word’ was intention. Each year my chosen word provides a focus for me, and the things I want to achieve. ‘Intention’ didn’t turn out to be just the right word somehow; it was ok, but not great. Normally I have the word on my wall, to pull my thoughts and focus back. I didn’t do that in 2016 and I think that is much of the reason it didn’t work out. This year, I’ll be keeping my word on my wall, so it’s always present.

This year I mentioned ‘one little word’ on Twitter and people suggested hope, courage, and strength. They’re all good words, but the one I keep coming back to is “prepared”. It just feels right, and suits both home and work. So, in 2017, I will be PREPARED

  • to give people my trust
  • to have hard conversations
  • for when the architects ask tricky questions
  • to put time and effort into my professional development
  • to let go of the outcomes
  • to listen to what the public want
  • to let go of little goals and focus on the main ones
  • to nurture my staff
  • to put my time committees and working groups
  • to make decisions that might not please everyone

one little word


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