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I haven’t blogged since June – dreadful. I spent August preparing, then had surgery at the beginning of September. I’ve been quite sick ever since, but am feeling better now and want 2017 to be a blogging year. Writing helps me think (true introvert) and I’ve missed the connection. As the year draws to a close there are some highlights from my professional life I’d like to record:

  • We’ve chosen Warren & Mahoney as architects for our new library/community centre. In the last week we’ve been able to announce that we’ve purchased the land for the project.
  • Coding Club and Lego Club have taken off. The parents really get into it with the kids, and it builds great connections.
  • We’ve employed a school leaver as a cadet and will be paying for Tyla to do her Level 5 diploma through Open Poly. It’s exciting to be growing our own amazing staff.
  • We’ve partnered with Puke Ariki to bring BorrowBox eBooks and eAudio to our customers.
  • The large tree outside Eltham is regularly yarn bombed and is all dressed up for Christmas as I write this.
  • We’ve had some great speakers, including a local funeral director, breast cancer coordinator and Alzheimer’s advocate, and numbers at coffee mornings and craft groups are growing in some branches.

Probably one of our biggest achievements though, is that we have got through a busy year without major drama. My staff are a fantastic bunch and it’s a pleasure leading them. Here’s to an awesome 2017.


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