Caring for our customers

I chatted with a long-time customer today who needs hip replacements but can’t have them done as her spine is crumbling. As an avid reader, she finds it hard relying on family to get to the library. I reminded her that we’re happy to deliver to people who are housebound and, after all these years, we know what she likes to read.

Earlier this week a lady sat down and told me how her cancer treatment is going. We chat about it from time to time, and I find her incredibly strong. It’s amazing how often people tell me about their medical dramas, missing kids, and so on. People have always told me their ‘stuff’ – Dad used to say it’s because I have kind eyes, like a cow! I do miss him…in the photo he’s helping me feed the ducks at Lake Virginia in Wanganui.

The personal touch is something I really value, and often I do mean touch. Some of my customers get a hug if they need it, and sometimes I cry a little with them. I’ve visited borrowers in their home when they are dying, and hugged their kids when they are gone. What we do matters – and time shared with someone in need is never wasted.


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2 Responses to Caring for our customers

  1. Alison says:

    Cath, thank you for such heartwarming stories. Working with people is by far my favourite thing about working in libraries.

  2. Tracy says:

    I thought the photo looked familiar. Thank you for sharing xx

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