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I fell off the planet for a bit

I just checked back and my last post was the middle of November. So why haven’t I blogged in more than 2 months? The short version is: my husband had major surgery then retired, my mother passed away, and I … Continue reading

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Manners matter, so does waiting a moment

Today I waded gently into a listserv debate that looked to me like it was getting off topic and heading towards personal attacks. A couple of people emailed me to say thanks, and I commented to one of them that … Continue reading

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Supporting each other

I’ve had a bit of a bumpy personal life lately; my mother had a stroke and has gone into a resthome, my husband had double cataract surgery, and I had to drop out of the study I had so been … Continue reading

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Making people feel welcome

Last week I was fortunate to attend the Museums Aotearoa MA12 Conference in Wellington. I’m now managing Aotea Utanganui – Museum of South Taranaki here in Patea and this was my first foray into the wider museum world. There were … Continue reading

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Are your shelves “good enough”?

Anyone who knows me well would say I am far from house-proud. More house-indifferent to tell the truth. When it comes to my libraries, I like the shelves to be “good enough”. What do I mean by “good enough”? I … Continue reading

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Connections and finding time

I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately about connections, personal and professional. As an artist I belong to a relatively small community of New Zealand artists. Living in a small town – population under 1,000 – I have a lot of local connections (a … Continue reading

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Job, career, profession?

As an artist I sometimes get involved in discussions about what makes an artist a professional. It is about being full time, how you approach your art, the quality of your work or …? For me it’s about your approach … Continue reading

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Conference excitement

I’m on the committee for this year’s LIANZA Conference ‘Ipukarea – Celebrate, Sustain, Transform’, to be held in Palmerston North in late September. Already there is excitement building as fabulous keynote speakers are confirmed. Here’s the first press release; when … Continue reading

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Time pressure

As we head into the silly season, time seems to fly by. Christmas shopping, parties, visitors, baking (Yeah Right! Not in my household.). But it’s not just at home that time seems to speed up. Work hits a frenetic pace … Continue reading

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