Learning new things can be uncomfortable

A group of us at work are working on our Asset Management Plans (AMPs) and ensuring anything in our business plans, and the Long Term Plan (LTP), is backed up by evidence and supported by the AMPs. I understand how it fits together and why we need to do it. However, it involves getting our heads around stuff we might never have tackled before.

For instance, one of the tasks is to get Condition Reports done on our buildings, and I have seven of them. We’re probably going to get an external company to do the assessments and reports but I need to decide on the level on componetisation. I thought they’d decide that for me, as the experts, but no – because the level I want to manage to, is the level they need to report to.

Let me explain so you can see why my head is struggling. We can break down the building into components – roof, walls, floors, etc. Or do we want to condition report on windows, floorings, paint & wallpaper, electrics and plumbing so we can forecast maintenance and replacement in the LTP? But what if one building has vinyl and carpet, or wooden and aluminium windows. Do I want it broken down that far because they’ll have different useful lives so I need to allow replacement in different years of the LTP? Do some buildings need a different level of componetisation to others?

I was talking to my boss about it. She laughed and said “well, at least you’re learning new things I guess, so that’s good”. So true, and once the AMP is done, I’ll be pleased with myself. In the meantime, it’s hard going, and reminds me to be patient with staff who are learning new things.

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