My other life – artist

You can find my art blog here.

In my spare time I’m a practicing artist. Here is my artist’s bio:

Cath Sheard lives in Patea, where she works as a library and museum manager. She has an Advanced Diploma of Arts & Creativity (Honours) from The Learning Connexion, a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) and Post Graduate Diploma in Sociology from Massey University.

She has a deep love of words; this, coupled with her interest in people and the local surrounds, all inform Cath’s work. She works mainly in acrylic and mixed media. Most of her work leans more toward abstraction – particularly of the local landscape.

In an ongoing body of work, “Working Memory: the Patea Freezing Works”, Patea’s industrial and urban landscape, both seen and remembered, is the starting point, especially the derelict Freezing Works which has been dismantled since the artist began recording it.

The combined interest in people and remembered history has led to a series of works based on men who served in WWII. Four of these works were shown at the Legato exhibition in Cassino, Italy in 2011, along with work by other New Zealand artists. This trip continues to inspire further works. Cath has been invited to send works to Legato 2013, again in Cassino, Italy, by curator Kay Scott deLatour.

Cath Sheard’s artwork can be found in private collections, galleries and exhibitions in New Zealand, the United States, Italy, Mexico and Canada.

5 Responses to My other life – artist

  1. I am so glad that you stopped by my blog because I have really enjoyed coming by yours and seeing your amazing art here. My favourites were the one with the white buildings and the one that looks like a graffiti wall and also the two with the poppies.

  2. Majo says:

    I love your poppies, great art work 😉

  3. Sandie Luck says:

    Hello Cath!
    Just stopped by for a brief hello after you left a lovely comment on my blog! So enjoyed your poppies and the 2 other nature scenes preceding it.
    You have quite the outreach to the children and people that visit your libraries. How wonderful to know that you are there for them! May you continue to make a positive difference in the lives of those you cross paths with throughout your new year of 2014!!
    Joyfully…….~Sandie Luck (Minnesota, USA)

  4. Hi Cath,

    Thank you for coming over to my blog and visiting!! It’s great to see that Tony is home and hopifully able to settle down to his normal comforts. I do appreciate your visit and your wonderful comment… I’m always trying and am still new to blogging unlike you! I love your passion for the art you do as well as how to can express your feelings on your pages… I have just begun to do that and am finding it rather helpful! Thanks for sharing and your inspiration… Good luck on your entries on CJS 2014
    God bless Joan

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