Providing training opportunities

I’ve got about 30 staff, including casuals, so providing external professional development opportunities for everyone isn’t an option. Mind you, I have a reasonably generous training budget, and manage to send quite a few staff away each year. We’re also taking up LIANZAs training package offer, so all staff can participate. I know training and PD makes staff feel valued, and I want them to grow in skills and confidence.

The solution we’ve come up with is in-house training; we do 2 half day sessions twice a year so as many staff can attend as practical. In a four-hour session we cover a few topics. This coming week Sue will do a ‘tips & tricks in Koha’ session, Pam will refresh their skills with tot time and they’ll have a chance to plan out some sessions they can share with each other. I’ll do a Post-It note session with them about what we want in our new main library.

I’ve also given two staff a 15-minute slot each to talk about what they’re doing in their branch that’s successful, and how they have gone about it. It’s a small group each time so a non-threatening way of learning to present, and it’s good for them all to realise they each have a lot to offer their peers.

If anyone has other ideas for in-house training that’s inexpensive, doesn’t use up too much time, and builds people’s skills – I’d love to hear about it.

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