Signing out for 2013

What a year it has been – a few rough downs, and some huge ups. Here my highlights, and the odd lowlight. I look forward to 2014 with enthusiasm and a sense of anticipation about good things to come.

  • ANZ 23 Mobile things – some amazing learnings and new friends
  • Blogjune, with #Flexnib, got me blogging more
  • one of my staff spent time of life support – it was incredibly scary
  • was part of the Emerging leaders Working Group
  • moved from Dewey to a ‘lounge room’ style in one of my libraries
  • blogged about the need to support our colleagues
  • interviewed a range of librarians about emerging leadership for LibraryLife
  • Sassy, our lovely library cat, died of cancer
  • blogged about bullying and how we can support vulnerable teens
  • discovered I need two knee replacements
  • presented at the annual LIANZA conference
  • completed the HyperLibMOOC through San Jose University
  • met MOOC tutor Michael Stephen in person – what a lovely man!
  • continued to Ch-chair PubSIG with the talented Joanne Dillon
  • gained my 3 yearly RLIANZA professional regregistration
  • was awarded LIANZA Associateship
  • accepted as a new member of the LIANZA Professional Registration Board


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One Response to Signing out for 2013

  1. You have been a very busy woman. Lots of accomplishments for last year. You should be very proud. Love your collage, Show Kindness…what the world needs a lot of right now! This year I’m working on Self Compassion, reading Kristin Neff’s book has been eye opening. Thanks for visiting my blog. I know! Fit is not a likely word for the year! I didn’t think it glamorous enough or from the heart much, but it does fit (no pun intended) the changes and place I am at the moment. Peace, Ellie

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