Thinking about retirement

I’ve been thinking about retirement. Not mine, everyone else’s. Quite a few of my senior team will retire in the next 10 years, and some may leave before that of course. One has already signalled she’ll retire in 2020. Succession planning…

It can be hard to attract great staff to smaller districts like ours, even thought it’s awesome affordable living, and we have a supportive vibrant Council to work with. What’s the answer? Grow our own.

We have a Cadet who started with us in December, and we’re supporting her to get qualified while she works. This follows on from a previous successful Cadetship; that staff member is still with us and doing really well. But we need to grow people in the in-between layers too – which really means I need to be supporting staff to take the next step when opportunities arrive.

That means grabbing training opportunities, sending them to conferences, encouraging membership of LIANZA and professional registration, and accepting that sometimes you grow great people and they move on. It also means I need to delegate tasks I could do quicker myself, because otherwise how do people learn? I think I just set myself a new challenge!


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2 Responses to Thinking about retirement

  1. Kate Arnold says:

    Thanks for this post, it raises some interesting points. I’ve always tried to adopt a similar policy with bringing on staff and offering them opportunities to grow, accepting they may leave. But that will undoubtedly have benefit for the profession as a whole.

    • Cath says:

      I’m lucky Kate, becasue our Council believes in providing heaps of training and just accepts that people will get headhunted as a result. But we also try hard to be a great employer, so people stay regardless. And yes, the profession does benefit, if we look at the wider picture (not always easy to do)

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