Thinking ahead to #open17

I’m already thinking about this year’s LIANZA conference, who to take, and how many. I have generous staff training and conference budgets, but need approval from my manager in terms of individuals attending and overall cost. We take spending ratepayers money seriously, so neeed to demonstrate the benefits. It used to be that we only took qualified staff to conference, but I think that’s outdated and discriminatory. Here’s my initial thinking on benefits from attending this year:

  • Staff can visit some new builds, ideal when we’re in the early design phase of a new main facility.
  • Staff who have been before can renew professional friendships
  • There’s a wide range of keynotes, so somehting to inspire each of us.
  • Some staff want to present and, if they get accepted, it’s a great opportunity.
  • Two staff are part of, or have graduated from, Kotuku so it’s a chance to catch up with their cohort.
  • It gives us time away from work to think about what we do in fresh ways.
  • We get to bond as a team by travelling and staying together.
  • We’re able to judge what we’re doing against the work of others, providing us with a useful yardstick.
  • Oh, and attending is great fun! ?
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