Training disaster averted!

We were fortunate to get a $43,000 grant from the TSB Community Trust towards eight 3D printers and the accompanying bits ‘n bobs. Each branch will have one, even the smallest which is only part time, because all our residents deserve equal access to information and learning opportunities.

We had two days of training planned, the first full day with Tim from @Mindkits and then train the trainer with other staff on the second half day. And then it happened; Tim’s flight circled for 30 minutes before being sent back to Auckland because of bad weather in New Plymouth. Argh! Now what?

What happened next is the result of couple of years of training people, encouraging them to have a go and feel confident, and not sweating the small stuff. With an hour until staff were due to arrive, Sue and Katherine said “We think we can train them. We’ve found an app on the net and had a look at the printers”. How awesome is that!

They did a fantastic job. Sure, not everything went smoothly, but staff went away excited and confident to give it a go. It was a good reminder of how our users can feel when things don’t go to plan. I love that my staff are happy to try things out, and put their hands up.

For the second day we’d invited staff from Puke Ariki down to have a play too. They seemed to enjoy themselves and it was great to spend some time with our near(ish) neighbours. I suspect they’ll be asking their managers for 3D printers too now.

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